Best ways to keep your car dry

How do you keep your car dry after a surf session? There are several things you can and should do.

1. The first step is to change out of what you can/feel like. For example, you might take off your wetsuit or board shorts. However, even after doing that you are usually still damp/sandy and a lot of times I keep my board shorts or wetsuit on.

2. Get a neoprene waterproof seat cover for your drivers seat. You can buy these at walmart for under $20. They fit every vehicle and can be hosed off as needed.

3. Wear a surf poncho. You can find these on amazon.

4. Store your wet clothes in a plastic storage bin or water proof mat/tarp.

5. As far as your board – if its in your car it should definitely be in a board bag. Otherwise dry it with a towel and rest it on towels or a tarp.

And that’s it. Super easy. I normally keep my wetsuit on and just change when I get home, especially in the winter. I put any wet stuff in my storage bin such as rashguards, boots, gloves. Then I put on my surf poncho and get into my car. The poncho itself keeps my seats dry but I always use the neoprene car seat as an extra layer just to be sure I am not ruining my car seats.