I have added all US East Coast states! Each state has surf reports, surf cams, and tides and buoys. I am going to be adding lots more to all of these states before I attempt the west coast. Expect surf shops and weather added to each state as well as tons of new links. That’s my plan over the next week.

News and updates

Update July 7 2021:

8 state surf reports, cams, tides, and buoys all completed. More to come as well as surf shops and weather.

I also started a learn section where I will be writing about various topics. Especially questions that I routinely have people ask.

Lots of work and more to do but its coming along

7/5 Updates

Lots going on with the site. I now have 5 states surf reports, cams, tides, buoys, and shops. Lots more to come. Lots more states to add and yes more than I have listed on the homepage. The goal is to do all coastal states in the US! I will also be adding additional info like weather coming soon.