What to expect your first day

What should you expect your first day of surfing? First, come prepared to the beach. Bring sunscreen and water. Check the weather and ensure its a nice day with light winds. Check the local surf report and make sure there are going to be small waves for beginners. If you aren’t sure call your local surf shop (or the person/place you are getting lessons from). I realize at this point you might be nervous. That’s normal. Be nervous but don’t be scared. Get a good night’s sleep and be hydrated/fed. It will be fine. Millions of people have learned to surf before you and were able to do it just fine. Also, be sure you set realistic expectations. Surfing while tons of fun is not a sport you can pick up in one day or one week. Its takes tons of time and dedication to get good. So remember baby steps…

Assuming you are taking lessons which I highly recommend to a beginner, or going out with a friend, be prepared for a lot of fun and frustration. Your goal for the first day should be to stand up on your board in the white water – even for a second! That’s it. Whether someone pushes you into the wave/white water or you paddle yourself your goal is to stand up. What can you expect? This depends on if you are taking lessons or have help. Its much easier at first if someone is pushing you into the wave. But expect to try to catch a wave/white water, it to push you, and you to stand and fall – a lot. Be prepared to fall a lot. Fortunately falling in the water is much easier on the body than falling on concrete. Be sure to ask the person giving you lessons how to properly fall and protect your head from the board, especially if the ground is not beach but rock/reef. Everything is going to feel awkward. Having the wave catch you, lying on the board, standing on moving water – all awkward at first but also awesome!

Finally, expect to be happy you stood up, frustrated you aren’t better, and pumped to get out there again!