About this site:

This site was created to provide a free resource for surfers, travelers, vacationers, locals, tourists, etc. to be able to find everything surfing on the US East Coast! Instead of you having to search google to find the best surf reports and cams and weed through the good and bad ones, we have done the search for you. Simply click on your location and check out all of the different surf reports for your area. If something is missing or incorrect, please let me know and I will fix it asap!

Why did I build this site? Recently my computer needed to be reset and I lost several years of surfing bookmarks. I thought it would be nice to have a website online that just captured my local reports and cams so I created a page for myself on my personal website that was hidden from others and wouldn’t be deleted if my computer needed to be reset again. After sharing my site with a few friends and seeing that they found it useful, I decided to just make a site that everyone could use and for the entire east coast community, not just my locality. I believe there are a lot of great companies out there already making reports, my goal is to show you the ones I prefer and enjoy using in hopes that you can use and support them too!

So there you go, that’s how and why I created this site.

About the logo:

I am a hobby artist and the logo for this site was painted by me with acrylic and posca on canvas. I have tons of surf art, have sold many pieces, and have been displayed in many businesses.

About me:

I am a university professor in a tech related field and hold a Ph.D., so I love tech and research, which is why my interest in surfing led me to learn about surf forecasting and weather models. I have been surfing for over 20 yrs and currently reside in Wilmington NC though I have lived on the coasts of both NJ and VA and still travel there several times per year to visit friends and family. I have traveled and surfed all over including CA and HI. Additionally, I created and ran the NJ Surfing Club in the early 2000s, which helped unite surfers across the jersey shore (and no longer exists as I left NJ over a decade ago).

I have many boards but currently surf a 6’2 shortboard, 6’8 mid that I shaped, 9’6 longboard, and 8’10 paddleboard. You can usually find me surfing in many of the local spots between wrightsville beach and surf city nc.


This site has organized surf related websites for you, similar to a search engine. We are not working with, sponsored by, or responsible for any of the sites that we link to. They are linked because I believe they are good and provide useful information. If they are hacked or change, there may be content that we don’t agree with. If that happens, let us know and we will remove the link.