How do I care for and store a wetsuit?

How do I care for a wetsuit?

Caring for a wetsuit is easy. If you care for your suit it will extend the life. Remember a high use suit might only last 1-2 seasons but if you aren’t surfing that much it can last much longer. First, wash your wetsuits after each use. A simple rinse with just water is sufficient. Use soap if they end up foul smelling. That bad smell is a buildup of bacteria and can cause illness if you don’t clean it. I just hose my suit off when I get home – inside and out and that’s about all you need to do.

How do I store my wetsuit?

Hang your suits over a bar or inside a thick hanger so that it is folded in the mid section. Hanging a wetsuit on a hanger like a shirt will stretch the shoulders due to the weight and can damage the suit. Additionally, just putting them in a drawer or throwing them in a ball in the corner of a room can cause unwanted wear and tear. Keeping them out of cold is also recommended. Extreme cold can cause the rubber to freeze and crack as they will dry rot. I personally have a horse in my garage where I lay all of my suits on.