Should I take lessons?

Should I take surf lessons?

I am a huge fan of training and self improvement. I believe that there is always a time and place for lessons. Having said that, let’s talk about surf lessons.

If you are new to surfing or never surfed before and want to learn, I think lessons are 100% worth it. Its a chance to learn a bit about ocean safety and get to learn in a safe way. You get to try a board and learn what equipment you need to surf in your area (for example do you need a wetsuit and what kind). You also get to learn where you should be surfing to learn! So yes, if you are new please take a lesson. If you are experienced, I believe lessons are very valuable if you are looking to improve for contests or looking to do something unique, like surf big waves.

When searching for places to take lessons I would highly recommend you talk to a local surf shop. There are good and bad lessons/instructors and starting at a shop should increase the likelihood of having a good experience. I would look for things like previous pics and a website/facebook page that looks active. Another piece of advice, please check conditions for the week/day you plan to take your lesson. I am very weary of scheduling lessons even days out. I have seen camps take kids into the water when its rough, dangerous, and terrible for learning. Schedule your lesson the day before when it looks like conditions will be favorable (small waves/calm wind).