Where do surfers hide their car keys?

Where do surfer’s hide their car keys? Assuming you drove by yourself, the best place to keep your key is on you while you surf with the car locked! That’s the simple answer. Now let’s dig into the details…

What about a realtor’s lockbox?

You mean one of these:

No, no, no! Read this to see why?

There are many versions of these, some that go in your cars hitch, just don’t even try to use them. Avoid at all costs.

What about hiding the keys?

No, no, no! People have watched surfers hide their keys and stolen their car!

How do I bring a key in the water?

There are multiple ways. The best way is to use the keyring holder in your boardshorts or wetsuit. I and many surfers have been doing this for years with much success. So make sure you by a good pair of boardshorts that has a keyring holder. Most surfing boardshorts have them.

Another method is to tie your key to a string and put it around your neck under a rashguard or wetsuit to keep it secure.

What kind of key can I bring in the water?

Unfortunately cars all have electronic locks. So you are going to want to use a valet key or non-chipped door key. The valet key usually comes with your car and is enclosed in rubber, the chip shouldn’t get ruined (check with your dealer to be certain). I know with my car, a toyota, its completely fine doing it. Otherwise, have the dealer make you a non-chipped key that just opens your car door. They are inexpensive and work!

What about a car that has keypad on the door?

I believe this should work well though I’ve never had a car that has one. If I did, I would probably use it. I’ve heard from others that it works well.